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Why You Should Be Using the Genesis Framework

If you’ve used WordPress for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of people use and recommend the Genesis framework from StudioPress. (If you haven’t noticed, just search for the #genesiswp hashtag on Twitter and you’ll see what I’m talking about.) I use Genesis for every single one of my own sites, as well as my clients’ sites, and so do all the other designers I know.

Every now and then a potential client will ask why I use Genesis instead of [insert theme or framework here]. They’ve seen all the rave reviews, but they want to know why Genesis is such a big deal. And while I’d like to respond, “Because it just is!” like a second grader, I know that isn’t necessarily helpful, especially to someone who is new to blogging and WordPress in general.

author: Andrea Whitmer

10+ Best WordPress Theme frameworks

The WordPress theme frameworks allow theme designers to create the theme layouts quickly without having do lot of coding and makes their life really easy for users they receive regular great updates quickly.

Almost all the leading WordPress theme designers prefer a framework based approach now a days and there are many great WordPress theme frameworks which you can use on your site.

author: Dhiraj Das

11 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks

The Genesis framework is more for intermediate and advanced developers, although keen hobbyists can become proficient relatively quickly. Complete beginners can use it, but will probably want to stick to an off-the-shelf child theme. The most beginner-friendly option is Prose, which has a point and click design that allows you to control the theme’s design without going anywhere near the code. For the majority of the time, at least.

We would recommend the Genesis framework to intermediate and advanced developers who want a trusted platform on which they can build new child themes and sell them or churn out new client sites. It is the only framework here that offers so much in terms of features and support for such a reasonable one-off fee. The community aspect will be a big part of any purchase.

author: Charlie Livingston

A Simple Guide to Web Traffic Terms

Views, visits, visitors — it’s all the same, right? Not so fast, speed racer. If that’s your way of thinking, you could be misinterpreting your traffic data and making some ill-informed decisions.

Because lots of people tend to throw these various terms around all willy-nilly, I’ve compiled a nice little cheat sheet so you can truly understand what’s what, interpret your website analytics correctly, and make well-informed, data-backed decisions about your marketing.


How to Integrate Google Webmaster Tools into Google Analytics

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) and Google Analytics (GA) are two tools that small businesses really shouldn’t live without. Both are such a wealth of information and have been updated constantly throughout the years with new features and options to help you customize and make the most of your online marketing. They help you analyze your website and make sure that you’re in good standing with Google, which we all know is the little push you need to get a good snowball effect going for most of your online efforts.

author: Amanda DiSilvestro