Boiler Plate Insurance Content

insuWith our Sugar Tree PowerPlay Plan we made it easy by developing professional content, photos and forms specifically designed for insurance agencies including commercial insurance, personal lines, life/health insurance & group benefits. Premium Website Design

Our founder came from and is involved in the insurance business on many levels. This knowledge combined with some of the best developers allows for clients in the insurance industry the ability to a wealth of information that was built and designed with insurance in mind. Having owned and specialized in the insurance industry allows us to deliver a turn key site with content that you can use or modify to fit your specific needs.

The Power Play has 8 pages of primary information and overview and includes 6 coverage types with forms to collect specific information for that coverage. The forms are designed and licensed to the site by Sugar Tree and completed and submitted online. They include an auto responder and have the ability to be viewed and tracked online as well. With the content and coverage pages if delivers a 20 page site for the low price of $139.95 a month for 12 months. After the 12th payment you are billed 24.95 a month for hosting and maintenance.

Your site will be built in a smart and responsive design. The responsive design is for the ever growing phone and tablet market that reached over 2 billion users last year. This design allows your site to fit on the device that is being used to view your site. Combining our insurance knowledge with our cutting edge design and content features help deliver the right message to your clients and prospects. Don’t get left behind and let us take your website to its full potential!