A Simple Guide to Web Traffic Terms

Views, visits, visitors — it’s all the same, right? Not so fast, speed racer. If that’s your way of thinking, you could be misinterpreting your traffic data and making some ill-informed decisions.

Because lots of people tend to throw these various terms around all willy-nilly, I’ve compiled a nice little cheat sheet so you can truly understand what’s what, interpret your website analytics correctly, and make well-informed, data-backed decisions about your marketing.

source: 3cseo.com

How to Integrate Google Webmaster Tools into Google Analytics

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) and Google Analytics (GA) are two tools that small businesses really shouldn’t live without. Both are such a wealth of information and have been updated constantly throughout the years with new features and options to help you customize and make the most of your online marketing. They help you analyze your website and make sure that you’re in good standing with Google, which we all know is the little push you need to get a good snowball effect going for most of your online efforts.

source: highervisibility.com
author: Amanda DiSilvestro