Chinese manufacturer installs spyware into scanners

Security experts claim that a Chinese manufacturer has been installing malware in its hand-held scanners that steals supply chain data.

TrapX says infected scanners made by an unnamed Chinese manufacturer located in Shandong province have been sold to eight unnamed firms including a large robotics company. The manufacturer denied knowledge that its scanners and website-hosted software were infected.

author: Nick Farrell

Microsoft takes on world’s worst cybercriminals

Microsoft recently took legal action against a group of cybercriminals suspected of spreading malicious software to millions of unsuspecting computer users.

These social media–savvy cybercriminals have not only spread the malware themselves, but they’ve also promoted their malicious tools across the Internet, offering step-by-step instructions to completely control millions of unsuspecting victims’ computers to conduct illicit crimes.

author: Eve Blakemore

China-Made Handheld Barcode Scanners Ship with Spyware

Some Chinese-manufactured shipping-barcode handheld scanners — of the type used by many United States retailers and warehouses, as well as delivery services such as UPS and FedEx — were found to have sophisticated spyware preloaded on them, according to San Mateo, California-based security company TrapX. Dubbed “Zombie Zero,” the information-stealing malware is likely part of a state-sponsored industrial-espionage campaign.

The malicious software is located in the scanners’ Windows XP Embedded operating systems, according to TrapX’s report. When the handheld scanners connect to a company’s Wi-Fi network, the Zombie Zero malware activates, hacking into company servers and stealing information, from shipping manifests to corporate secrets. All the information goes to servers in China.

author: Jill Scharr