An Example of Bad Web Design

There has been a lot of positive press around the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine’s (IAWM) grabbing of its 4 billionth web page. Well, it should be negative press. The Wayback Machine does a crappy job of grabbing pages. It’s a freaking joke. I know you don’t believe it, but I’m restraining my condemnation of this sh*t-hole website.

author: Vincent Flanders

Understanding The Phase of Website Design

Design phase consists of all the activities that ensure that page elements, colors and graphics all work together to provide an enjoyable experience for the customers while projecting a professional image for the business.

Design of a Web project is the next most important and popular Web development phase. The focus of the design phase is to determine how the Website application will meet the objectives, to answer the question, “how it will do what it must do?” Design is all about communication. Web design is no different. The sale process starts from the very moment the visitor looks at the Website. First impressions are very important. If the site has weak design, users create a bad impression of the business or Website.

author: Manmeet Singh

The Power of WordPress Web Design for Small Business

Creating a website can be a complex and intimidating job for a small business owner. Especially when you have so many other things you could be doing. That is why most people choose to hire a pro to do the work. Fair enough. I would too, if I wanted the job done right. You would definitely get:

  • a well designed website
  • a fast load time
  • top security
  • reliable backup

And many more things you need, which take a long time to learn on your own. But once the site is ready. Delivered. Installed. And available on the web, what next?

author: Ashley