7 Steps to a Successful Website Redesign

Your website is a critical marketing tool in the digital age, which is why you shouldn’t enter into a site redesign lightly. The decision to redesign your site needs to be made for the right reasons, and with the benefits it will ultimately bring to your business in mind.

It’s important to understand that a redesign isn’t primarily about an aesthetic change. The main changes you make should be directly related to user experience and reaching specific business goals. Simply put, it’s about getting site visitors to do what you want while they’re on your site.

source: poweredbysearch.com
author: Brittney Stephenson

How To Successfully Redesign Your Website

Design process is something that all designers follow even though it varies from one designer to the other. The process also depends on the type of a design project you are working with. The other side of the design process is from the business perspective, which should result in a functional creative brief. This is the crucial part in order to redesign your website successfully….

source: forbes.com
author: Haris Bacic