Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Place your business at the TOP of search engines

Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in the overall success of any marketing campaign over the internet. Your web site is a constant resource to others to learn about you and your products. Most businesses spend significant money building their website and take a lot of pride in how resourceful and informative they are.

You built your website to increase and maintain your customer base and yes, they can find you if they type in your web address but the key is finding you when search engines are used seeking you out without using your specific name. This is where SEO comes into play. Our pricing is competitive and delivers your site to search engines and positions you to grow your business.

Sugar Tree Technologies will help improve your ranking in the top search engines as well as assist you in setting up social and directory searches.

Sugar Tree SEO Advantage

Sugar Tree Technologies develops software, builds websites and provides search engine optimization solutions. We understand the importance of creating a web site that communicates what you do and captures your target audience. Sugar Tree builds websites for all industries but has a niche in the insurance industry. We focus on driving internet traffic to your website and with our added features of Search engine optimization and Strategic placements markers we can improve the quality and quantity of traffic and leads for your business.

Monthly Reporting

When you become a customer to Sugar Tree for SEO services we do an evaluation of where you rank today within the top search engines and an analysis on your keyword indexes. We then use a “that was then, this is now” approach and start optimizing your site and provide reporting to track these improvements.

Our primary reporting involves the number one search engine in the world, Google. The analysis of these reports helps you and us fine tune your site to meet our goals.

Our reporting will show you how Sugar Tree has improved your rankings and increased traffic to your site. The combination of this ranking and traffic will increase your business which you will easily offset your expense to Sugar Tree.

Search engines create web site listings by using spiders that “crawl” web pages on the World Wide Web, index their information, and optimally follows that site’s links to other pages.
Spiders return to already crawled sites on a regular basis in order to check for updates or changes, and everything that these spiders find gets retrieved to their database.
To improve search rankings on these search engines, it is important to have relevant and informative content as well as changes to your website.