State of the Art, Security

securitySugarTree uses state-of-the-art encryption and security standards that go above and beyond typical standards. Our integration with help protect your site from malware and other harmful viruses. With these tools we monitor the health of your site, and if there are any problems we can quickly fix them. is built around the goal to make the web a safer place. They work diligently to update definitions and algorithms to stay ahead of hackers, eradicating web-based malware.

Websites are just like any other thing we own, it has to be maintained and serviced. In the ever changing and fast-paced world of the internet this maintenance and proper security to protect your site are paramount.

The founders of developed a cost-effective solution that would help any web site recover from a malware compromise and protect them to stay secure moving forward. It’s name, Sucuri, is for the Anaconda found in the Brazilian Amazon. The Sucuri has a reputation for being big and dangerous and is recorded as the second largest snake in the world. Like their namesake, they dominate their habitat and are dangerous to those intent on maliciously attacking websites.

SugarTree believes this protection is a leader in the protection of your content, information and visitors.